EAP for Employees: An Individual's Work and Life Journey

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Every individual's experience in the world is unique and multi-layered. The relationship between mental, physical, social, and financial health is multidirectional. Each affects the other – they are all connected and form the four (4) pillars of wellbeing.

The whole context in which we exist and operate is important, and while there is much conversation about Work-Life Balance, which has merit, the fact is that Work-Life Integration is the main point. What happens at work impacts home, and what happens at home impacts work.

Comprehensive, Integrated, Wellbeing Support Services

An Individual's Work and Life journey will decrease and flow over time. Mostly, it is okay, but there might be times when it needs help to remain well or limited support to get back to wellness. At other times, it may be required more substantial support or intervention.




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Individuals Life Journey