Well-check service for organisations


Proactively identify, address, and support issues and improve team-members and organisational wellbeing over time.

“The proactive nature of wellness checks increases productivity, improved worker engagement, and reduces absenteeism, risk of conflict and grievances.”
Victor Hallim

Service Delivery Manager – Organisational Advisory Services (OAS)

Building resilience

Building a psychologically well, resilient and wellbeing-conscious team.

Benestar Well-check helps team members to develop an appreciation of mental health and foster confidence to maintain a resilient mindset. It destigmatises wellbeing conversation and help-seeking behaviour in the workplace.  

Building resilience
Flag significant risk

Identify risks to your people, team and the organisation – and start providing strategies for team members' self-care.

People often do not realise or do not respond to signs of stress until it is too late. Well-checks help individuals to identify issues early and learn strategies to boost their self-care.

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Flag significant risk
Gain insight

Gain actionable insight that achieves results

Benestar’s Well-check may include thematic and deidentified reports that can help identify risks to your people, teams and organisation. Our recommendations could be considered to help manage your teams and organisational culture.

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Gain insight

Well-check: A proactive wellness screen and check-in to identify psychological strain 

Our well-check supports teams experiencing intense and prolonged challenges in the workplace through a one-on-one support model.

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Case Study

Protecting the wellbeing of case managers reduces operational and financial ramifications, minimising the risk exposure of a federal government agency.

The challenge

An Australian federal government agency regularly dealing with Workplace Health and Safety cases realised that the often confronting and impactful details of cases were starting to affect the wellbeing of their case managers. They also noticed negative impacts on business performance, including unplanned employee leave, compassion fatigue, and incorrect assessments. So they turned to their EAP provider, Benestar, to provide a proactive solution.

Our solution

Working in partnership with a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager, the government agency developed a tailored Well-check service. Over a few weeks, our clinicians conducted wellbeing checks for a selected group of 10 employees. The well-checks were so well received that the program was extended to the whole team of 72 employees

The results

The Well-check service allowed employees to talk about their experiences and challenges. Through this conversation, they became more mindful of their vulnerabilities and strengths. Several employees felt more confident to seek support. Others enhanced their resolve to practice self-care to buffer themselves from psychological strains.

Wellbeing checks for the initial round of 10 employees were well received. As a result, the program was extended to the whole team of 72 employees, ensuring that the agency minimised its exposure to risk while prioritising its employees' mental health and wellbeing.

In protecting their case managers' wellbeing, the agency now sees reduced operational and financial ramifications, minimising their risk exposure.

  Identification of psychological strains among staff.
  Initial service extended to the wider group.
  Reduced organisational exposure to risk.
  Prioritising employees' mental health and wellbeing.

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